Chandler Lodge No. 227

Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania

Est. 4 May 1848

7th Masonic District of
The Grand Lodge of PA


Last update:

09 April 2013




Masonic Center

300 South 7th Avenue
West Reading, PA  19611


Stated Meetings: First Tuesday of the month
Extra Meetings: 4th Wednesday after the first Tuesday


WM Dennis R. Pritchard

invites you to come to a Stated Meeting of the Lodge. Support your favorite Charity by participating in his “Charity of the Month” program! Call or e-mail us for reservations to join us for dinner before the Meeting.

A note to visitors to our Lodge from the Officers and Members : Chandler Lodge No. 227 is proud to support our DDGM in continuing the Pennsylvania tradition of requiring "Masonic Dress" at our Stated and Extra meetings. Masonic dress is coat and tie, but more than that it signifies a proper state of mind when entering the Lodge, being dressed Masonically means to be ready to leave the outside world of concerns to dwell in peace among your Brethren.


Meals before the Stated Meetings in 2013 will be catered by Dori Martin Catering.

2013 Calendar :


1st Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Sandwiches after the meeting

Program: Introduction of Lodge Officers

2nd School of Instruction

9th School of Instruction

15th Officer Rehearsal

16th School of Instruction

23rd Extra Meeting



2nd Blood Drive 8 AM to 12 PM at the Masonic Center

5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Salisbury Steaks

Program: “Chair in the East” ? or Examination of Visitor

6th School of Instruction

13th Secretary Seminar at Elizabethtown?

19th Extra Meeting, 32nd degrees

20th School of Instruction

29th Lodge Closed


5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Chicken Cordon Blue

Program: Finances Chandler Lodge Masonic Center

6th School of Instruction

13th School of Instruction

16th Regional School Harrisburg

16th Official Visitation: Huguenot 337 Kutztown 7PM

19th Officers Rehearsal

20th School of Instruction

27th Extra Meeting. Note time change, Meeting starts at 6 PM!


2nd Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Sausage, Sauerkraut and Horseraddish

Program: Open

3rd School of Instruction & Rehearsal of Harrisburg Degree Team

6th Sectional School - Harrisburg

(Exemplification of Entered Apprentice degree by 7th Masonic District Officers)

10th School of Instruction - Freemasonry 101 - funeral Service

11th Official Visitation Vaux 406 Shoemakersville 7PM

16th Officers Rehearsal

17th School of Instruction &  Board Of Governors

18th Official Visitation Teutonia 367 Masonic Center 7PM

24th Extra Meeting

25th Official Visitation Union 479 Birdsboro 7PM



1st School of Instruction - Freemasonry 101 - Short Opening & Closing of Lodge

7th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Stuffed Bell Peppers

Program: Official Visitation 60/50/25 yr pins

8th School of Instruction - Exemplification - Fellowcraft Mason's Degree

11th 165th Annual Banquet Chef Alan's Bistro Fair Grounds Mall 6PM

12th Mother’s Day

15th School of Instruction & Board Of Governors

20th Official Visitation Isaac Heister 660 Masonic Center 7PM

21st Officers Rehearsal

24th Tentative date - Movie in the Park - Gring's Mill

28th Memorial Day

29th Extra Meeting



1st Blood Drive 8 AM to 12PM at the Masonic Center

3rd Official Visitation Lodge 62 Masonic Center 7PM

4th Stated Meeting, Ladies Night !

Supper Menu: Roast Pulled Pork

5th School of Instruction - Freemasonry 101 - Guides & Wardens in Third Degree

12th School of Instruction - Exemplification - Master Mason's Degree

13th Official Visitation Reading Lodge 549 Masonic Center 7 PM

16th Father’s Day

18th Officer Rehearsal

19th School of Instruction & Board Of Governors

24th St. John the Baptist Day

26th Extra Meeting


Lodge is "Dark" July and August


Summer recess

3rd School of Instruction

4th Parade in Wyomissing

10th School of Instruction

17th School of Instruction



Summer recess

7th School of Instruction

14th School of Instruction

21st School of Instruction



3rd Stated Meeting Ladies Night

Supper Menu: Beef Bar-B-Que on Rolls

4th School of Instruction

11th School of Instruction

17th Officer Rehearsal

18th School of Instruction

25th Extra Meeting



5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Stuffed Cabbage

Program: Memorial Service

2nd School of Instruction

9th School of Instruction

15th Officer Rehearsal

16th School of Instruction

23rd Extra Meeting



5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Roast Turkey

Program: Past Masters' Night

13th School of Instruction

19th Officer Rehearsal

20th School of Instruction

27th Extra Meeting

28th Thanksgiving



3rd Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Baked Ham


4th School of Instruction

11th School of Instruction

17th Officer Rehearsal

18th School of Instruction

25th Extra Meeting


Is it your Masonic birthday?  See your meeting notice!

Note:  If you know the whereabouts of any of the "lost" Brethren in your meeting notice, please contact the Secretary!


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Upcoming Masonic Events


Chandler Lodge No.227 165th Annual Banquet

Date:  Saturday, May 11th, 2013
Time:  6 PM
Location: Chef Alan's Restaurant - Fair Ground Square Mall
Wyomissing 4th of July day Parade

7th Masonic District School of Instruction

Date:  First Three Wednesdays of the Month
Time:  7:00pm
Location: Masonic Center, West Reading, PA
Please see your meeting notice for further details!

Masonic Thoughts

From Dennis R. Pritchard, WM to the Brethren of Chandler Lodge No. 227

To my Fraternal Brethren of Chandler Lodge No.227:

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is one of a few remaining Grand Lodges in the World that works under the Ancients Constitution. The following was copied from Wikipedia, (

The Book of Constitutions, or Ahiman Rezon, of the Grand Lodge of England According to the Old Institutions, also known as the Antient Grand Lodge of England or the Grand Lodge of the Antients, was first published in 1754. Its author, Laurence Dermott, was Grand Secretary of the Antient Grand Lodge from 1752 to 1771. The full name of the first edition was Ahiman Rezon; or a Help to a Brother; showing the Excellency of Secrecy, and the first cause or motive of the Institution of Masonry; The Principles of the Craft; and the benefits from a Strict Observance thereof, etc., etc.; Also the Old and New Regulations; etc. To which is added the greatest collection of Masons' Songs, etc. A second edition was published in 1764, and subsequent editions in 1778, 1787, 1800, 1801, 1807, and 1813. The second edition was reprinted in Philadelphia in 1855 by Leon Hyneman. Dermott borrowed heavily from the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Ireland which had been published in 1751.

The first Charge in the Ahiman Rezon reads as follows:

CHARGE I. Concerning GOD and Religion.

A Mason is obliged by his Tenure to believe firmly in the true Worship of the eternal God, as well as in all those sacred Records which the Dignitaries and Fathers of the Church have compiled and published for the Use of all good Men: So that no one who rightly understands the Art, can possibly tread in the irreligious Paths of the unhappy Libertine, or be induced to follow the arrogant Professors of Atheism or Deism; neither is he to be stained with the gross Errors of blind Superstition, but may have the Liberty of embracing what Faith he shall think proper, provided at all Times he pays a due Reverence to his Creator, and by the World deals with Honour and Honesty ever making that golden Precept the Standard-Rule of his Actions, which engages, To do unto all Man as he would they should do unto him: For the Craft, instead of entering into idle and unnecessary Disputes concerning the Different Opinions and Persuasions of Men, admits into the Fraternity all that are good and true; whereby it hath brought about the Means of Reconciliation amongst Persons, who, without that Assistance, would have remained at perpetual Variance.

Worshipful Master 2013 Dennis R. Pritchard.

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